Postcard From PGA West

FlagWe had the pleasure of experiencing the hospitality of the folks at the Arnold Palmer Private Course at PGA West in Palm Desert on a glorious January day. Lots of sun, temps in the 70’s, perfect course conditions, and a bagful of giggles with friends.


The Day Starts Here

Driving RangeSome Pimped Out Street Ready Wheels

Pimped up #1AC, Upholstered Seats, Kona Lei, and a Recognizable Hood Mount

Pimped Out #2
Thursday Guys League…Lots of Trash Talkin’……

Thursday Guy Game
Testimonial Plaque To A Fading Memory Of The King

The King
Scale Defined By The Surrounding Topography

#10 Par 4 2Peek Between The Goal Posts Down The Eighth Fairway

Through The Goal Posts 17
Even The Trim Comes From Hills

#5 Par 3
Water, Sand, and Tropical Palms Frame The Ninth

#9 Par 4 2Surviving Sand In A Cloud Of Dust

From The DustFowl Play

Fowl PlayCourtin’

CourtingBig Horn Country…Looking Down At Fifteen

Big Horn CountryJerry Garcia Peace Sign Rock Lords Over The Sixteenth Green

JerryGarcia Rock 16
The Equestrian Final Hurdle At The Home Hole

#18 Par 5 1Just Hangin’ Out-Brenda, Carl, Moe, & Kathy

The Cuplrits

January, 2016

(Click to see the full Course Review of the Arnold Palmer Private Course)

2 thoughts on “Postcard From PGA West

    • It was somewhat disappointing….we did not see one big horn sheep in their
      neighborhood. The Thursday Morning group in their matching shirts was very entertaining. They have
      30 guys in their group and play events 3 days a week….mostly interclub matches to facilitate their
      guys playing the other courses in the area free. There was some serious trash talking going out at the practice green.

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