Ron Jaworski Golf: Knowing Your X’s and O’s

Ron Jaworski is known to most of us as the ever present quarterback pundit on ESPN football shows….the guy who breaks down tape every week to explain why some quarterbacks have QB Ratings in the 70’s and 80’s and and why others spent too much of their Sunday prone on the stadium turf.

Broadcasting gig included being the color guy on MNF from 2007-2011

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We might also remember he got his broadcasting gig based on a very successful 17-year NFL career where he once held the NFL record for consecutive starts by a quarterback at 116. He has since been surpassed in this regard by a bunch of no name NFL players that include Brett Farve, Peyton and Eli Manning, and Phillip Rivers.

9 years with the Eagles included a Super Bowl XV appearance in January 1981

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Bottom line is that Ron Jaworski has always been an over-achiever in anything he has pursued and this is because he focuses on the basics and outworks his adversaries.

Little known to most of us one of those pursuits has been the very successful enterprise of owning and managing golf courses under the moniker of Ron Jaworski Golf. In this current iteration he has five courses in his stables in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania area.

Ron Jaworski Golf LogoIn this article for Sports Illustrated by Dan Greene you can read about his chain of profitable Jaworski Golf Courses.

This is not a high end “Donald” collection of posh golf courses but, rather like Jaws, a amalgamation of efficiently run modest golf facilities that put an emphasis on playability, affordability, atmosphere, and quick pace of play. These are not courses done by pedigree golf architects aimed at business executives and wealthy individuals. Rather they cater to average Joe and Jill who are interested in good golf value not golf hype.

As Jaws proudly points out in the article and accompanying video in an era when golf courses are going out of business at an alarming rate his courses pull in annual six-figure profits. He does this by employing economies of scale to his business in the bulk purchase of everything from fertilizer to food. His course maintenance staff often works across a number of facilities allowing him to operate at much lower overheads than single operator owners. He emphasizes his marketing of the courses to the masses, including women and children who are often ignored by higher end facilities.

An ad on his website for “Girls Golf Outings”

Girls Outing

The Jaworski Golf Card gets you a $10 greens fee at all of his courses


You see Ron is a man with a plan. If you go to the Ron Jaworski Golf website you will find this document called “Driving Business-Ron Jaworski Golf”. It is a detailed business plan for running this successful golf operation. The attention to detail….the X’s and O’s…..pours off of every page. There is a reason this man’s golf operation is successful and growing and this and his other business exploits have attracted the investment interest of a slew sports and entertainment celebs and Wall Street investors.

His annual Celebrity Golf Challenge in AC attracts all kinds of stars

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In a time where golf has been characterized by some as an atrophying industry because a five hour time commitment and exorbitant greens fees can put it out of reach of most people we should be reminded that the greatest percentage of the 27 million people who played golf in the United States last year did not do it at a snobby private country club or posh resort facility.

Ron Jaworski understands that and he has employed a golf business plan providing these players a well presented, no frills golf experience at an affordable price with a tasty meal waiting for them in his bustling 19th hole sports bar after the round . Success is in minding all in the details just like it has been in his playing and broadcasting careers.

Dan Greene

Sports Illustrated
September 2015

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