Junior Ryder Cup

Ryder Cup LogoWoodmont Country Club sponsored a very kool event this past weekend-a Junior Ryder Cup Competition with 14 of our best young players aged 12 to 16 competing in a team event with Ryder Cup flavor.  The squads were the Red Hot Chili Peppers vs The Blues playing four nine hole matches over two days including Best Ball Fourball, Alternate Shot Foursomes, and Singles in match play.  Each match had 9 points at stake with a total of 198 team points available over the four sessions-it would take 100 points to win the whole shebang.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Jon, Jack, Noah, Adam, Spencer, Sophie, Brendan, and Capt. Moe

Jon, Adam, Spencer, Jack, Noah, Sophie, Brendan, and Captain Moe

The Blues

Jordan, Blake, Dylan, Amanda, Ellie, Kyle, Will, and Capt Ron

Jordan, Blake, Dylan, Amanda, Ellie, Kyle, Will, and Captain Ron

These were seasoned players who have competed in club events, scholastic golf teams, and regional competitions, honing their competitive talents.  The display of golf aptitude, rules recognition, competitive poise, golf etiquette, and personal accountablity belied their youthful ages.  Their enthusiasm for the team game and the collective outcome of the event was downright contagious.

The first day’s matches were Two-Person best ball followed by Alternate Shot-a format none of them had played before.  The Chili Peppers got out to a hot start in the first nine but the afternoon Alternate Shot seemed to temper their advantage.  They led by 13 points after the first day.  Points were doubled for the third session Alternate Shot nine on Day Two and it was basically a push with the Blues closing the gap by one point.  It came down to 7 Singles Matches in the final stanza and the Peppers closed strongly getting 34 of the final 63 points available to win Woodmont’s first Junior Ryder Cup 110 to 88.

The Final Tally does not reflect all the accomplishments of this event

Junior Ryder Cup ScoreboardThe talent of these kids speaks to the benefit of access to appropriate equipment, proper instruction, and cultivation of a drive to succeed that must start from within.  Sound fundamentals, an intellectual understanding of how the game needs to be played, and a respect for the traditions of the sport were all evident as we watched them compete.

Adam sets his weight to create the power of an MVP move

Adam MVP

The modern swing…a bit of Adam Scott in Dylan’s follow through

DylanDon’t we all wish we had Jordan’s extension through the hitting area

JordanFlexibility like this leads to Sophie’s club head speed and high arching shots

SophieThey teach how to use the ground to create leverage…Will has it figured out

WillBendan reaches for a little extra…..and gets it


It was just a piece of cake for Noah sand saving par on #7

Noah Sandball 7Amanda’s putting technique has balance and control

Amanda Putting 4Ellie was dropping putts all day when they mattered the most

Ellie Putting 4Walking the walk and talking the talk as well

Boys Descending 12 2A long distance lag to push the 12th in the final Singles session

Dylan Putting 12Alternate Shot means having the patience to watch someone else finish your result

Jordan and Kyle 4Often the hardest putt is the one for the halve

Noah and Gang 4On the last green it was as it should be,  hats off, shaking hands, and back slapping all around…followed by a little ice cream and some scoreboard watching.  This event was a display of the true Ryder Cup spirit by a talented group of young players who just get it.

August, 2015

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