Two Sets of Rules

When the USGA and R & A acted on the anchored putting issue most of us scratched our heads wondering why did they pick this issue since it really did not address any of the truly significant technological advances in the last 30 years that have changed the game of golf.

Phil Blackmar, who had three wins during a fifteen-year PGA Tour career and has one on the Champions Tour as well, wrote an eloquent piece on his PBlackmar’s Blog that should be required reading for all members of the governing bodies of the game. He addresses the notion of how creating two sets of rules, one for the Tour Players/Top Line Amateurs and one for the rest of us would serve both constituencies well and help preserve interest in the game for a much longer stretch of time and provide renewed vitality for the sport played at it’s highest levels.

I will leave it to you to read and digest his well thought out point of view. Make sure to read the comment barrage at the end because in this case it does what a blog should do, allowing for a meaningful point-by-point discussion of the topics therein without the hostility and venom we so often see in responses to these posting.

Forget the Ryder Cup captain selection, this is what a task force should be discussing.

Click here to read Phil Blackmar’s fine piece on the anchoring ban

November, 2014

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