Profile In Courage

As a young toddler Michael Labrie was the victim of a horrid household accident that left him badly burned over 90% of his body. There was little hope he would survive but with an incredible display of personal courage and determination, and lots of family support, he has done way better than survive, he has flourished.

As you can see in this piece from Jimmy Roberts’ In Play series on Golf Channel, this young man teaches a life lesson to the rest of us. What he has overcome is mind boggling, but what he has accomplished is the stuff of true inspiration.

Whether it his him rendering a soulful piano piece, playing to a single-digit handicap, or simply displaying a grounded perspective of how to deal with the cards he was dealt, this is a person who understands life is for living. As Jimmy Roberts says, “Maybe the scars….first compel your gaze…but what he can do, not what he can’t, soon become the attraction.”

When asked, “Do you think you are extraordinary.” Michael’s reply was, “No…don’t.” When asked if he thinks he is unusual, “I think I am unusual, but we all are.”

There is something reassuring and extraordinary about that statement….this is a man who has found inner peace and accomplishment where it ought to be found….in his heart.

(Click to see this wonderful Profile in Courage of Michael Labrie)

Jimmy Roberts

In Play-Golf Channel

February, 2014



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