Getting The Right Thing To Do Done

This posting by Stephen Meyer on Top Sales Dog called “A Tale of Three Golfers” is an interesting account of one man’s persistent effort to get three famous golfers to do the right thing and help him provide a life long friend with a commemorative gift of some special times they spent together.

Andy Abrams decided that it would be a really cool 50th birthday present for his friend Rich if he could get Lee Trevino, David Graham, and Justin Rose, the three guys who have won the U.S. Open at Merion in the last four decades, to sign a commemorative poster since the two friends had seen Lee win his Open at Merion when they were just 8 years old and then Graham win his Open at Merion ten years later.  Andy was there this past June to watch Rose pursue his first major victory at Merion as well.

Considering that all three of these guys have a reputation as being very approachable it probably did not seem to Andy like such a tall order to get them to participate in his idea.
Heck they should jump at the chance to help two friends who were there at their moments of major glory commemorate the event.  If they were in fact “players of the people” it would just be the right thing to do.

Not so fast….as you will read it took old school persistence and proven sales tactics to pull this off.  Despite the effort required I am sure Andy is glad he did not settle for giving Rich a hat.

(Click to read Stephen Meyer’s “A Tale of Three Golfers”)

Stephen J. Meyer
Top Sales Dog
January 2014

(Special thanks to moegolf friend Jim Doane for sharing this article)

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