Dead Solid Perfect

The game of golf provides inspiration to many of us through simple lessons we get from a weekend walk, or a roll, in the park.  The story of Mike Reeder’s sojourn to the Old Course at St. Andrews is so full of inspiration you may need a travel trunk to store it all.

Mike poses for the standard tourist shot on the Swilcan Bridge...just not standing.  (

Mike poses for the standard tourist shot on the Swilcan Bridge…just not standing. (

As you can see in this ESPN E:60 piece called “Dead Solid Perfect” Mike Reeder was a veteran who lost both legs during his tour of duty in Vietnam.  After meeting his wife Debbie he carved out a new life in the music business.  His travels took him to a suburb of Nashville where the fickle finger of fate pointed him toward a run-in with a five-wood that started an unlikely dedication to the game of golf.

Most of us can testify that the relationships we make on the golf course, especially with regular playing buddies, are very special and unique.  Mike was blessed to meet his friend Mike Bilbrey who became his golf foil for the next 20 years.  They played golf, cajoled, and shared a pact that some many golf buddies share-they would someday play St. Andrews together.  They both got there, though not exactly how they had planned, and Mike Reeder became the first man to play the Old Course at St. Andrews from a wheel chair.

Set aside 15 minutes and enjoy this moving and inspirational tale of golf friendship and personal dedication to the purest elements of the game.  You will want to share this with others.

(Click to view the E:60 piece on Mike Reeder called Dead Solid Perfect)

E:60 Dead Solid Perfect

July, 2011

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