Harbor Lights Adventure

Google “Mini Golf Cape Cod” and you will get results on over 17 full service facilities within a 60 mile area.  There are pirate themes, lighthouse themes, sand and surf themes…..almost every genre is covered.  Cape Cod is apparently the Pinehurst for mini golf in the Northeast.  At a smidge under ten bucks a round this might be the best family golf value in the region……rental equipment is available…..don’t ask for any Pro V-1s or Scotty Camerons though.

HL SignWe played Harbor Lights in Brewster, a neo-classic design which blended natural elements with some skilled engineering to create a presentation with clean lines and tactical elements that did not border on the bizarre (no windmills or clown’s noses).



The canvas includes indigenous regional landscaping composed with large stone lagoons and a nautical touch.

HL 1
Leaner….what appears to be a simple opening hole note the influencing pimple mound just past the transition….takes the straight out of the straight putt.

HL 4Tilt-A-Whirl…..a true dogleg on #4 around the natural outcropping give it a bit of an Old Tom Morris links look…this is a place where you have to let the topography define your playing lines.

HL 6 3 TierThree Blind Mice….a Skee-Ball affair through the marsh grasses on #6.  Central hole takes you all the way down to the lower tier green with a chance to make a birdie.

HL 8The Brickyard….the  8th is a sweeping dogear left-the 6” paver borders give it a clean look from the tee but you must avoid the recessed collection area past the mounds on the right.

LagoonJustin’s Lagoon in the center of the course adds a tropical touch of tranquility to the round.

HL 9 BoardwalkPark Place….a Pete Dye boardwalk theme on the driveable 9th….the pond short left of the hole is a magnet for colored golf balls.

HL 12 TimberTowering Timbers on #12….like North Carolina you have to sew one through the hardwood to find the target.

HL 15 Irish MoundLuge…..another links transition hole has a touch of Lahinch….to play for a birdie you have to take on the high road but risk losing it to the lower level beyond the hole.  Laying up below should make for an easy par.

HL GrottoA major statement is The Donald….a grotto waterfall you play through on the last hole.

Cascading WaterfallThe cascading mountain waters off The Donald’s brow can be a bit of a distraction.

Through The GrottoWilma, Betty, and Bam-Bam awaiting Fred’s play through the grotto.

ContestantsThe Simbas (on the right) took the Handicrappers (on the left)  3 and 1 in a riveting
Four-Ball Best Ball for Ice Cream Sandwiches.

Harbor Lights Adventure Mini Golf
Brewster, Mass

September, 2013

1 thought on “Harbor Lights Adventure

  1. Great pic of family. Played The Captains 36 in Brewster this summer. Nice pub link but best pub course still is Cranberry Valley in Harwich Sent from my iPhone

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