The First Tee and Keepers Mentor Outing

WCC_ANN_LOGO_LRThe Keepers of Woodmont Country Club sponsored our third annual mentoring outing today with the refreshing kids of the  First Tee of Montgomery County program.  Close to 25 kids and 20 Keepers and spouses shared a wonderful day of fun and friendship.   Despite the dire predictions of the Doppler weather gurus the 50% chance of dry prevailed and the program went on without a drop of rain.

Group Shot(photos courtesy of Rita Mhley of Mhley/Davis & Associates)

First Tee Kris TKris Tschetter, the quasi-retired LPGA pro, was gracious enough to be with us and run clinics on the range and at the Sidney Harman Short Game area.  Her sparkling smile and enthusiasm brightened the day for all of us and her lessons were equally valuable to the kids and adults who listened with rapt attention.

VineetVineet did not need much tutoring……..

SaigeSaige has sound fundamentals as well…..

Kris and SaigeKris makes a little tweak that should help……

Mixed MetaphorsMixed metaphors……

Moe and Ana Closest To The PinClosest to the pin………..Ana wins!!

Carla and AnaJust hanging out…..

Bob and ConnellOr chillin’……..

Howard and Ryan RacingOr racing about………

Kris Pitching ClinicKris explains to the kids the right way to hit pitch shots…….

Kris Bunker Shots

And bunker shots……..

Kris Bunker ShotAnd then demos the technique…….

Bobby and Max

Bobby and Max give it a go on grass……

Max Out Of Bunker

And then out of the sand……

MadisonMadison has it down like an old pro…….

Art and AlexExactly who is mentoring who here……….

Harriet and ElijahHarriet takes matters into her own hands……

Freaky and Emily

Freaky tells Emily it is just back and through…..

Rusty and SabrinaRusty refines Sabrina’s hand action……

Ryan and SteveSteve says four within the leather and then we are done……..

Wollner and AllenWorkin’ the hands and wrists as a unit………

Imani Brandon Britney Saige

Imani, Brandon, Britney, and Saige in a little competition…….

First Tee Our GroupThe happy foursome after some on course time…….

After a picnic lunch the afternoon was completed with an hour and a half of course time with the kids. You would be amazed at their ability to play and their comprehension of the etiquette of the game as well.  The First Tee program does a great job in conveying
to these kids the full basket of what this great game is about.

Keller Kleaning UpKommander Keller leads the klean-up…he does windows too!!

August, 2013

First Tee Montgomery County


2 thoughts on “The First Tee and Keepers Mentor Outing

  1. Great Event! My son Frank had a blast, and learned a lot. Time to get to the course with him!
    Thanks to all for a great program!

    • Art,
      It is our pleasure to provide this opportunity for the kids and support the fine work The First Tee is doing introducing them to the game and all it’s positive attributes.

      Moe Dweck

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