Addition To The Golf Omnibus

If parody is the sincerest form of flattery then Sally Jenkins has elevated P.G. Wodehouse to the top of the foot stool  at  Hyde Park’s Speakers Corner with her tongue-in-cheek criticism of the recent USGA/R & A ruling that bans the anchored putting method.

Now pay attention this is serious business!

Now pay attention this is serious business!!!!

As only a gifted writer can do, Jenkins captures the pure voice of P.G.’s Oldest Member  describing the absurd heightened sense of importance of this latest ruling to the quash the imminent threat this method presents to the sacred game of golf.

“He would no doubt regard Ernie Els, Webb Simpson, and Adam Scott with their elbows splayed, and wonder how on earth adopting a position that looks like a man standing over a floor mirror admiring himself as he ties a bow tie while also buttoning his overcoat….could be a help rather than a hindrance”.

“The anchored putter would seem less of an illegal tool…than simply a farcical and unsightly expression of desperation, a cry for help from those too unsteady to take a free swing.”

She then takes on the comic rhetorical antics of Sergio and Tiger accusing each other of who-knows-what antics for who-knows-why reason.

“But we are finding out what Garcia is really like: ignorant, and dagger mean.”

“In response, Woods strove to restore a tone of golf gentility, all punctilious decorum on Twitter”.

Great stuff……..P.G. is rolling and chortling in his grave.

(Click to read Sally Jenkins Wash Post entertaining piece on anchored putting)

Sally Jenkins

Washington Post

May, 2013

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