All inebriated golfers have their dream foursome, the three guys with whom they want to play their fantasy round. In my case the number has climbed to double digits so it is kind of my moegolf dream outing.

Snedeker would make a great two-man pard ! (photo:

With that attitude what a great two-man pard he would be ! (photo:

Brandt Snedeker is a the top end of the ‘Please Save The Date’ list because he has three of the personal characteristics to pass my dream outing litmus test. He smiles all the time, has a humble respect for the game, and seems like a thoughtful guy with whom I would enjoy spending an afternoon playing golf and sharing a side of fries.

As you can read in John Garrity’s article on “Sneed-a-ker” this is a guy who knows where he came from (in fact he still lives there), plays within his abilities, enjoys the game, and has a competitive fire for taking your money. He is very grounded in his values and the way he carries himself on and off the course. A bit of prankster lurks behind that innocent “Opie” moniker, but he certainly he qualifies as a guy you would want your kids to look up to and root for.

Sneds has been a moegolf post focus on more than one occasion.

(Click to read moegolf post about his early years)

(Click to read moegolf post about this season’s early triumphs)

No question he has the attention and respect of his peers with a too die for putting stroke and excellent course management skills. His five professional win venues include Harbour Town, Torrey Pines, East Lake, and Pebble Beach-any of which will do just fine for my dream outing.

Given the way Sneds has played so far this year-win at Pebble, two seconds, and a third, he has to be in that upper tranche of favorites at Augusta next week.

(Click to read John Garrity’s wonderful article about Brandt Snedeker)

John Garrity

April, 2013

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