Feherty’s Fun House

A.K.A. the grey matter between his ears.  As Feherty says,  “I’m unable to stop the wheel in my head from spinning, even if I drug the hamster”.

There is a good bit of insight into the mind of the Mad Hatter of golf broadcasting in this Golf World article by Franz Lidz called “Scorecard From The Edge”.  His ability to lampoon a sport which codifies conventional behavior as scripture is explained by Feherty’s unique combination of a tough love Irish Protestant upbringing, considerable professional successes, and the torturous experiences of his personal life.

Throw in the fact that he is bright, opinionated, irreverent, and can improvise better than most stand-ups and you have a combination that makes for plenty of pregnant broadcasting moments.  Lidz says of Feherty, “For all the mugging and slapstick, his interview can be as languidly brilliant as his tournament commentary.  He’s affectionate, but not infatuated; admiring, but not adoring”.

The article reveals much about the tribulations Feherty has gone through-alcoholism, depression, a disintegrating marriage just to name a few.  But somehow he has found his ballast in the oddest of places, himself.  LIdz says, “Feherty doesn’t just want to be good, he wants to be seen as good”.  Feherty says it best himself, “I’ve found that the longer you spend on this planet, the more important the time you have left becomes”.

For those of us willing to put up with Jim Nance just for the opportunity to hear Feherty’s commentary, we get glimpses of what is inside this Fun House and become more and more infatuated by the humor and vision contained therein.

(Click to read the Franz Lidz article about David Feherty “Scorecard From The Edge”)

Franz Lidz

Golf World

February, 2013

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