Postcard From Bay Hill

Bay Hill Club and Lodge is known to most golf fans as the home of the Arnold Palmer Invitational by Mastercard that fills our TV screens in March of each year. It is actually one of the finest golf resorts in Florida, the product of the imagination and hard work of Arnold and Winnie Palmer. The low key presentation of this top shelf golf facility
is a reflection of Arnold’s passion for the game and Winnie’s attention to detail in every interaction with resort guest and residents.

Wall Of Fame

A stroll through these hallways is a walk through an Arnie Museum….this Wall of Fame has signed pictures of Arnie with friends of every generation including Ike, Gerald Ford, Dinah Shore, Ben Hogan, Jack, Phil, Bill Murray and countless others.

Keepers WaffleThen there is the comfort food…beside the waffle I recommend the Bay Hill Chips and garlic dip.

Clock 2The watch tower that overlooks the practice green, staging area, and starter’s hut.

Mens Locker Room 3

Old school….the Men’s Locker Room has a full bar, gin tables, and plenty of table space
to calculate the results. Shared lockers with Tiger or Ernie are an unexpected extra.

Dick TiddyThe Dick Tiddy Memorial Rock….commemorates his decades of service as the Director of Golf at Bay Hill..presented by The Shootout Gang.

Please Keep Off 2Apparently not all paying customers know how to follow directions.

Grandstand 2The show is coming…..preparation is well underway to handle the patrons.

ScoreboardTrust me it will be straight by game time.

Magnolia 2Arnold thought of everything…here is a peek through the imported Magnolia hallway that frames 15th fairway.

Kathy and TroyA Do-Si-Do between the archer and counsel in picking the right bow.

BH 2The target…..#2…..seems so docile but actually a daunting task with trouble lurking everywhere.

#8 with ballWind, water, hills, and sand make the approach to 8 a real challenge….take note of the white dimpled speck 25 feet left of the hole.

BH 18 2Robert Gamez’s 7-iron seared this image of the eighteenth in the viewing memory of the golfing public and Greg Norman in 1990.

Troy Kathy Moe 2The Little Lady and supporting cast…The Mish and Troy The Seer….apres game.

Bay Hill is a place where you can let your hair down, kick back, and enjoy golf the old fashioned way, one Arnold Palmer at a time.

February, 2013

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