Fantasy Backyard

If you are a narcotic golfer than the attached video of the back yard of Short Game Guru Dave Pelz from the “Million Dollar Rooms Series” is going to make you drool. We are not talking about driving range nets and chipping baskets here. We are talking a real scale full-featured short game practice facility with accurate replicas of some of the most iconic green complexes in golf.

In his yard you can play pitches, chips, flops, sand shots, three-wood chips, bladed sand irons….the works. Best part is that the surfaces play and respond like the real deal…..and he does not have to mow one blade of grass.

If you had this outside your sliding doors you too could be a contender!

Million Dollar Rooms Series

Dave Pelz’s Backyard

January, 2012

1 thought on “Fantasy Backyard

  1. I don’t think my HOA would approve (I’m the Veep too so it might threaten my re-election bid). Guess I need to move to YOUR neighborhood. Keep the cards and letters coming because this stuff gets me through the winter doldrums and the fact that I’m on the IR.

    Freaky Man

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