Winter Golf-The Sequel

For the truly devoted there is the John Caliendo Shore Winter Golf League.  This has been a tradition in New Jersey for over 50 years.  Devotees from surrounding metropolitan areas and between flock to the courses of the Jersey Shores on Thursdays from October to April where proximity to the salt water seems to keep the snow cover away.

That is not to say that it  is warm-tee time temperature can be in the mid-thirties some days.   But they show up for two dozen of these events over the winter-friendships are fostered and games are played.  It is competitive, rowdy, guy-golf, just as you would expect.

Check out the attached black and whites and accompanying text by Bill Fields describing the Shore Winter Golf League.  You may get chills from the imagery but the radiant warmth of their smiles shows the true temperature fostered by these events.

(Click to enjoy the Bill Fields slideshow on the Shore Winter Golf League)

Bill Fields

Golf Digest

March, 2012

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