First Tee Glee

Every summer The Keepers, our men’s group from Woodmont Country Club in Rockville, Maryland, runs a mentoring outing at our place with the kids from the First Tee Program of Montgomery County.  The adults are flabbergasted every year by the golf maturity and enthusiasm of the kids, ages 8 to 15 years old, a testimony to the principles they learn through the First Tee Program.

The day entails some professional attention on the range, a short game competition, food, and seven holes of golf on our South Course.  At the end of the day The Keepers get as much out of this event as the kids-it is smiles and memories all around.

(photos courtesy of Rita Mhley)

It starts with organization.

And direction.

Some professional attention.

Mentor oversight.

Houston we have lift-off.

Maybe a bit of Marius Filmalter putting instruction.

Enthusiasm and support.

It is about the line.

And the stroke.

Kid’s got style.

Rapt attention.

Now that is a throwback look.

Some lemon refreshment.

Heading for home.

Lest we forget they are kids!

August, 2012

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