Postscript From Bandon Dunes

It has been and will be called everything, but Bandon Dunes is simply a perfect golfing atmosphere.  It is all golf, walking, and memories waiting to happen set on some of the most tranquil dunes you will find anywhere in the world.  If you just came, sat in the Lodge dining room, and stared at the seaside landscape of #10 in front of you it would be all the tonic you need to settle your urban soul.  Hats off to Mike Keiser for dreaming the dream and making it a reality for all of us to enjoy.

How to get to Bandon….circa 1915.

We came by rental car.

First check each day.

What to avoid.

Nothing is still out there.

In this wind you putt from everywhere.

Keen interest.

Enough happiness to go around.



First at Bandon Trails has the look of Enniscrone in Ireland.

Intimidation…….on the Par 3 course at Bandon Preserve.

Pacific Dunes #2…Doak says it has all the links elements in one serving.

This Ghost Cedar haunts the early holes at Old Macdonald.

This green complex needs an escalator.

There are no exits forward.

McKees Pub….adult refreshment and more.


Plenty to buy….including the Puffin.

Sheep says Good-Baaaaa to departing visitors outside Eugene Airport

Last look….into the setting sun at Bandon Dunes.

August, 2012

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