Divine Intervention?

One last shared memory for Tim and Winn that only golf could bring (photo by Will Galloway)

Golf has always provided a valuable venue for the development of a father/son relationship.  It offers a unique opportunity to share the joys and disappointments that the game can throw at us-a great learning opportunity on how to deal with challenges in our day to day lives.

This story by John Strege in Golf World magazine documents one of those cherished moments with a very poignant twist.   Winn Galloway, like many young boys, was introduced to golf by his dad Tim as a wee tot and the two of them shared Winn’s developing love for the game through his high school years.

On a family vacation that took them down the California coast they made there way to Pebble Beach where they had the opportunity for a brief visit to the famed Pebble Beach Golf Links.  The two of them decided that some day they would play this storied links together as the ultimate father/son golf experience.

Fast forward a decade and Tim is diagnosed with thyroid cancer and began a valiant battle against the disease that would eventually take his life.  Winn decided they needed one last golf memory that “we could talk about for a long time, and if he passed away, a memory I could hold on to”.

With his health declining quickly and his ability to play the golf course rapidly disappearing Winn arranged for a swan song round at Pebble to create this father/son memory.   As we all know, a golf course can provide a wonderful canvas for documenting a shared experience.

As you will read, Winn gave his Dad the finest Father’s Day present he could ever imagine-a true Pebble Beach memory.

(Click to read John Strege’s heartening article “A Day To Remember”)

John Strege


June, 2012

1 thought on “Divine Intervention?

  1. It is the wonderful part of this game that makes it a bit more special than all the rest. In my case, it was learning the game from my Aunt and getting chances to play with my nephew. Also what makes Jim Dodson’s book, “Final Rounds” one of the best golf, scratch that, best sports, scratch that, best non-fiction, scratch that, best books written.

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