Cake Walk

Leave it to the Brits to make Putt-Putt into an aristocratic experience.

As part of  Selfridges’ “The Big British Bang” celebration Bompas and Parr (how appropriate) has been asked to create a delectable miniature golf course on the roof of Selfridges in London.  Instead of clown noses and windmills, the adornments to the holes are eight foot replicas of London Bridge, Big Ben, and other famous London edifices…..all made out of cake.

This is clearly the grandest of a kid’s birthday party…. for adults.  Only question remains is do you have to wear plus fours and use a hickory shafted putter to play?

(Click to read about “The Big Rooftop Tea and Garden Party”)

It’s Nice That

Liv Saddall

May, 2012

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