Loose Lips

They say that as we get older we lose our conversational filter and share thoughts with others more freely than we would have in our youth.  So it is in a mythical conversation between Byron Nelson, Sam Snead, and Ben Hogan during “magic hour” overlooking the 18th green from the veranda at Vahalla.

In a piece commemorating the 100th anniversary of the birthday of three giants of the game, Mark Frost, our generation’s most talented golf historian, shares with us their intimate thoughts on the condition of today’s game.  He captures the individual persona’s of these iconic figures eavesdropping on their  19th hole banter covering everything from how they used to walk five miles to school through the snow with holes in their shoes to the lack of defining personalities on tour to the effect of technology on the game today.

“The ball’s more jacked up than a Cuban cocktail,” says Sam. “They drive it with thunder sticks the size of toasters and can dial in distances with five different wedges like they’re firing a mortar. And these courses they play get more manicures than a Las Vegas hooker.”

They even weigh in on the fire hydrant incident and the likeliness that it’s protagonist can ever regain his position on the top of the heap.

Cleverly written this piece will make you laugh and contemplate in equal measure.  As only Mark Frost can, he brings refreshing historical perspective to the way we view the game today.

(Click to read Mark Frost’s “Drinks In Vahalla”)

Golf Digest Canada

April 2011

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