Augusta Serenade

There is nothing more fun than watching old folks sing a song from their youth.  Watching Freddie shoot 67 at Augusta National today to take the second round lead of the Masters at 5 under par is about as fun as it gets.  He sure looked like he was having a good time singing that tune.

In his Los Angeles Times article today Bill Dwyre says, “With a golf club in his hands, Couples is 52 going on 30………In senior citizen centers all over the country, they were high-fiving each other with walking sticks and demanding extra warm milk”.

Augusta National brings out the best in Freddie’s game it always has.  He made the cut there about a bazillion times in a row and won the Green Jacket in 1992.  As Dwyre points out, Freddie has earned well over $2 million walking among these azalea bushes.

If you doubt that he can win this thing just note the spring in his Eccos and the magic in his putting stafff.  In his own words, “Can I win? I believe I can, yes”.

If it was cool to see Jack win the Masters in 1986 at 45 years old, how awesome would it be if Freddie pulled off the same at age 52?  Adrenaline meet nostalgia.  Freddie is seven years younger but this has that misty feel of Watson at Turnberry in 2009.  We just hope that father time doesn’t pay Freddie a rude visit between now and the final hike up 18 on Sunday.

Any way you look at it, there will be legions of Grecian Formula fans rooting for Freddie to keep hope alive for another two days.  Freddie in a Green Jacket when the Fat Lady Sings……that would be cool indeed.

(Click to read Bill Dwyre’s “Putting, Not Puttering, Couples Shares Masters Lead”)

Bill Dwyre

Los Angeles Times

April, 2012

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