Their Love Of The Game

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Rich Lerner did a wonderful piece on the Golf Channel from Cupid’s golf haven, Pebble Beach, called “A Valentine For The Game of Golf”.   It opened with a Dr. Suess quote, who once said of love, “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams”.

To which Lerner adds, “Golfers get that”.

This testimonial piece was a compilation of responses from players and celebrities on what they love about the game of golf.  There were a whole bunch of the little boy growing up with the game in their responses.  Their answers were wide ranging and thoughtful getting to the heart of why they are smitten by the game.

At the end Lerner concludes,  “It is much more than a game….it is a love of a lifetime”.

Got that right.

February 14, 2012

Note: Unfortunately the GC content life cycle of this piece has passed and it is no longer available for viewing…..our loss.

2 thoughts on “Their Love Of The Game

  1. A beautifully done piece…I love the relationships, that every round is like spring training a clean slate and the picture that is drawn at the end of the round is so much about the friendships and comraderie that the game fosters.

    • I like his line about “I love taking it to the back of the range….I love aiming at the guy driving the ball picking cart”. Something refreshingly youthful about that perspective.

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