Bellagio Bogey

Golf club vendors have become like truck manufacturers in trumpeting their products in commercials with preposterous trumped up circumstantial demonstrations.

Callaway started running this commercial recently for their RAZR Fit Driver that shows the European Tour’s driving gorilla Alvaro Quiros hitting this new driver across the Bellagio Fountains in Vegas at a neon-ensconced target that shares the same six-sided outline as the Callaway logo in the commercial. Seems clear to me that the point is this adjustable fit capability will allow him to carry the ball 310 yards across the fountain and hit the target.

Besides having Quiros make final “adjustments” to the driver head and then address the ball with a cocky smirk, the producers emphasize the ball flight with the timed arc of the Bellagio fountain plumes. Of course the commercial ends with a light show and raucous crowd revelry.

Only problem is that if you watch this thing closely the ball misses the target wide left with a kerplunk into the water…………just like a misjudged hook on Sunday at the 18th at Sawgrass. Seeing this result does not convince me that “all other adjustable fit drivers will simply have to adjust”.

(Click here to see the Callaway RAZR Fit Driver Bellagio demonstration)

While I am on this soapbox let me say that all the golf equipment manufacturers are selling us a bill of goods with these adjustable fit drivers. The inference that optimal club fitting is a DIY project for a typical consumer is intellectually bankrupt.

The only way you can be properly fit with one of these adjustable fit clubs is with the assistance of a professional club fitter and a launch monitor. Once they get the loft angle, face openness, and head weighting settings right for your swing speed and path you would have to be crazy to tinker with it on your own. Further, since probably the most important factor in the proper fitting of your driver is the shaft itself, the manufacturer would have to sell you the adjustable fit club with a wrench and three replacement shafts for the same price.

This adjustable fit capability will help your club fitter fine tune your driver for you but this feature is not going to do you any good once you take the club out of the shop.

February, 2012

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