Choosing The Right Stick

In this two-part post on Secret In The, Timothy Goynes describes the proper way to choose the right stick off the tee and into the green.  Most people’s response to this would be, “Well this is not rocket science is it?”.

They would be right.  But it is astonishing how many players fail to consider honestly a tactical plan for choosing the right stick in these situations.  This is not dependent on caliber or talent-all player’s scores benefit from having a good intention for every shot they hit.  The mantra he wants all players to consider every time they choose the proper club is “Safe Line, Aggressive Swing”.


As Tim Goynes describes in Part 1-Choosing The Right Stick-Off The Tee, most people will viscerally grab their driver on almost every driving hole without taking into consideration where is the trouble and where they want their drive to end up.  Being honest with yourself, something most golfers are not very good at, is essential in deciding whether to go over, play short, or play away from the trouble on any given drive.

Much of what you will read in this part seems elemental but, after being schooled in macho driving tactics by the weekend golf broadcast, smart people often lose their minds and continue to drive the ball with reckless abandon.  The result is they have no chance to put the next shot on the green and have a reasonable chance to make a par or better.

(Click here to read Choosing The Right Stick-Off The Tee)

In Part 2-Choosing The Right Stick-Into The Green, Goynes emphasizes what we should already know-golf is a game of specific targeting.   Considering all the parameters of where you are targeting is essential to hitting greens and giving yourself chances to make a good score.


As he says in this part, it is not only knowing distances to the center of the green that matters, you need to know the distance to cover the front of the green, fly any trouble between you and the flag, and not to go too long as to bring in problems behind the green.  It is not distance to the flag you must determine but distance to where you want the ball to land to give you an aggressive putt at the hole.

Further he points out that is not only how far you have to go that will determine the proper club choice but it is the lie you are hitting it from, the topography of that lie, and any outside factors like wind, temperature, firmness of the turf, and precipitation as well.

Figuring how those factors will affect your shot based on your golf aptitudes is essential to consistently putting the ball where you want it to make good scores.

(Click here to read Choosing The Right Stick-Into The Green)

None of this is rocket science, but considering the intelligence level of most of the guys who play this game, it is amazing how smart people consistently fail to consider what is in their best interest in choosing the right stick on any given shot.

Timothy Goynes

Secret In The Dirt.Com

December, 2011

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