Spat Down Under

As Randall Mell reports in this Golf Channel article a spat has broken out between Robert Allenby and Geoff Ogilvy over Allenby’s perceived notion that his poor performance in the Presidents Cup a few weeks ago was apparently the fault of his partners.

He virtually threw Geoff Ogilvy (as well as Retief Goosen and Y.E. Yang) under the proverbial bus complaining that at least three times Ogilvy put him in the woods off the tee in the Saturday Foursomes.  Sounds like sour grapes to me….coming from a guy who has a history of ungracious behavior when things don’t go his way on the golf course.

Fellow Australian Pro Golfer Paul Gow, who played for many years next to Allenby on the PGA Tour said in reaction to Allenby’s latest comments, “I have said it before… I think he acts like a five-year-old when he plays golf. He has to understand he plays golf for a living. He was in a team environment and to throw out those comments was really immature.”

The two almost came to fisticuffs on Sunday night at the Australian PGA when Allenby, who had just tanked in a playoff with Greg Chalmers for the title, confronted Ogilvy at his table at the post event celebration.  Apparently he actually challenged Ogilvy to step outside to the parking lot settle it.  Sounds to me like the man has a monopoly on sour grapes.

From what I have seen of Allenby the last few years it is his putter he should be throwing under the bus, along with any number of iterations of his putting stroke, since that has let him down way more than his teammates from these biennial events.

(Click here to read Randall Mell’s Article about the Allenby-Ogilvy Spat)

Randall Mell

November, 2011

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