Time Phase Tiger

There is so much conversation about how much Tiger’s swing has changed over the years and from these photos of his swing from 1992 to 2011 you can certainly see the evolution of the Tiger Swing for yourself.

(Circa 1992-The Original)

(2011 Sean Foley move)









Jaime Diaz interviewed all five of the instructors who have worked with Tiger over the last 20 years to put together an article for Golf Digest in April of 2011.   What may be most interesting here are the comments of the instructors as to how much of a challenge it was to work with Tiger.

Butch Harmon: “ I agreed with Tiger about the flaws, but I wanted to do it a piece at a time.  He wanted to do it all at once.”………”When he drove the ball in the fairway, he was nearly unbeatable.  That’s what I kept trying to drive into him.  But it didn’t take.”

Hank Haney:  “I think it’s fair to say that Butch had a better body to work with than I did. With me, he started looking more like a linebacker than a golfer.”…..”He was convinced that his golf swing was doing the damage to his knee.  Everything had to revolve around saving his knee.”

What is clear to me is that Tiger is obsessed with continuing to retool his swing to “get better”.  This may be his most significant flaw, his insistence on needing to remake what was already a juried piece of athletic art.

Tiger: “I’ve always taken risks to try to become a better golfer, and that’s one of the things that has gotten me this far”.

Take a look at this time phase presentation of Tiger’s swing and decide for yourself.

(Click here to see Golf Digest’s pictorial review of Tiger’s Swings)

Photos by J.D. Cuban and Stephen Szurlej

Jaime Diaz

April 2011

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