What’s Wrong With Tiger’s Swing?

Good question-one that you and I cannot answer and apparently neither can most of the TV pundits who get paid by the word for stuff like this.  It behooves us to ask someone who does swing diagnosis every day-someone who has seen it all and then some.

Wayne Defrancesco is “in the business” as one of the most prominent swing instructors in the Mid-Atlantic region.  His website is chock full of erudite analysis videos of the best players in the game.  So when I saw the attached video comparing Tiger’s current swing to the swing he had in 2000 when he was on top of the golfing world I thought this is a good place to begin.

Wayne is like a Talmudic scholar when it comes to this stuff-he goes to original documentation and then the commentaries.  In this case, he begins by refuting the misguided opinions of two of the talking heads from Golf Channel, Brandel Chamblee and Frank Nobilo.  He then does what Wayne does best, pulls out side-by-side video from his personal trove to show you how it used to be and how it is now and explains the changes in clear and understandable language.  His insights are very empirical and the way he associates this to the results in Tiger’s game is very intelligible.

In his quest to be the Uber Golfer, Tiger has embraced the advice of a long line of swing gurus, developing and reinforcing some bad swing technique along the way. His shot performance is suffering-especially when it matters the most.  Sound familiar?  And you’re no Uber Golfer.

So whatever else is affecting Tiger’s game-lack of confidence, bad karma, bad putting, or lack of domestic tranquility-according to Wayne D the real problem starts with bad swing mechanics and goes south from there.

(Click here to view Wayne’s video comparison of Tiger 2000 to Tiger Today)

October, 2011

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