Make Room For Butch Harmon

Jim (Bones) Mackay wrote this piece for Golf World expressing his view that they need to induct Butch Harmon into the Hall of Fame. After all, he has been the mentor and teacher of so many Hall of Famers, he should get in by association alone.  Norman, Ballesteros, Couples, Woods, Cink, and Clarke just to name a few.

Butch is his own man, he has a distinctive, no nonsense way of talking to people and it is clearly very effective with his students and pretty entertaining for the rest of us.  Given that there are famous coaches in the Hall of Fame of other sports and for golfers their teachers are their coaches, I like Bone’s logic in this submission.  Butch has always been a guy who breaks the mold we should honor that independence and competence in his craft and give him his due in the Golf Hall of Fame.

(Click here to read Jim Mackay’s article on Butch and The Hall of Fame)

Jim Mackay

October, 2011

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