The Apostle Tour

After watching a broadcast of what used to be referred to as The Senior Tour I have decided that with the proliferation of guys carrying staffs on the putting green we should almost expect Charlton Heston in sandals to be playing in the final group.  To me this calls for reconsideration of the product name.  The players are certainly weathered and grey enough to play the part.

If you look at the top 25 in any given week on this tour I bet 60% of the guys use something on the green longer that 35 inches or else have one of the many alternative putting grips or both.  The Claw, The Saw, The Split Handed, Cross Handed, or whatever you would call what Bernard does.  Hell, I saw a lefty today with right hand low.  Mind you, I am not saying this is a bad thing, but it certainly is changing the putting standard in the game.

If they ever outlawed these things you would not see Freddie Couples, Bernard Langer, Tom Kite, Mark O’Meara, Calc, Jeff Sluman, Nick Price or many of the other old household names playing anymore.  I think they would be down to Tom Watson and 46 no-names with club professional credentials.

While we are re-inventing this thing, I think the policy on The Apostle Tour is they only play biblical venues like Westchester, Inverness, Newport, Five Farms, Saucon Valley, Bellerive, Canterbury, Harding Park, and Merion.  At the distances these guys hit it these old venues would not suffer from same “technology effect” that has chased the regular tour away from them.  Besides, these are classic stages we associate with guys in their age group.

If last week’s PGA Championship is any indication, this gospel is starting to spread pretty rapidly.

August, 2011

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