Mystic Rock-Nemacolin

This Pete Dye creation is another addition to the death defying style courses that the man likes to create.  It reminds me very much of Bulle Rock which is of the same vintage.  Sweeping panoramic holes with big intimidation factors but really only moderate challenge when you strip away the veneer if you play at an appropriate tee length.  If you choose to play further back do so at your own peril since the difficulty notches up considerably.

This place was the home of the PGA Tour’s 84 Lumber Classic for a number of years and they did substantial renovation and redesign in 2004/2005 to meet the challenge and conditioning requirements of the tour.  The black tees measure a whopping 7550 yards with a slope of 152-if you do not have your name embroidered on your bag you have no business playing back there.

Tranquil 10th Green Par 4 (

The basic lay of the course is very characteristic of its surroundings-rolling terrain with dramatic vistas and more rocks then you can imagine in any stone quarry.  The rocks accent the water hazards-the forced carries, the tee boxes-even the outhouses.  The stone budget alone would have built most courses in the sixties.

Signature Boulders 16th Hole Par 5 (

The green arrangements are really challenging.  Most involve a dramatic approach but all have bail out areas and alternate routes for the player not up for that challenge.  Lots of undulations, a few buried pacaderms, and, though some of the greens are in the 50 yard long range, you never get much depth to shoot at so you have to pay attention to the approach angles.

Tough Carry into 12th Par 3 (

The driving is the most challenging aspect of the course.  Wayward ones pay the ultimate price-re-teeing-but even the one that is slightly off line will make the approach to the green considerably more difficult.  You must pay attention to the hazards in the driving areas-if you have the nerve to play adjacent to them you will have a much easier approach at the flag.  At 6300 you do not need to jack them long-normal drives will leave you medium to short irons.  But the green sets will make you concentrate on those approach shots because there are some huge bunkers, swales, and even an occasional hazard you do not want to visit if par is your goal.

Farmington, Pennsylvania

Architect: Pete Dye-1997

Tees    Par   Rating    Slope    Yardage

Blue     72     73.8       138         6791

White   72     71.6       137         6313

(Click to see complete Mystic Rock hole-by-hole descriptions)

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