He’s Baaaaaaack!!!

Steve Williams that is.

Yup the man who stewarded Tiger to seven victories at Firestone since 1999 sprinkled a little magic dust on his new man Adam Scott who shot a scintillating 62 today to grab the first round lead at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational. Scott threw down 8 birdies, including 5 on the back side, coming in with just 30 shots on the inward nine. He hit 83 percent of the greens and used only 25 putts with that garden hoe he calls a putter. Clearly Steve Williams is creating positive vibes for his new man.

Steve’s ex-boss could only manage a mundane 68 and is wallowing in anonymity in a tie for 18th at the moment. Guess he did not have his “A” Game today. Driving accuracy was his Achilles heel once again only hitting 36% of the fairways (T-73rd in that category). 27 putts with his old Cameron flat stick is not bad, but he obviously has to put it in play and hit it closer to the hole if he wants to prove that he still owns this track.

I sense that Steve Williams is doing some snickering in the parking lot. If this could somehow hold up through Sunday he might just break out into a full blown guffaw.

August, 2011

2 thoughts on “He’s Baaaaaaack!!!

  1. If you watched the Golf Channel you had to think that the only person playing was Woods. The GC just blatantly sucks up to him!

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