Michelle Wie-For Better Or For Worse

Are we seeing a star in the making or the unmaking of a star?  At age 22 it seems early to pass such a judgement but Michelle Wie has been on our radar screen for eight years so that makes this question one worth asking.  In this Golf Digest Woman article, Ron Sirak considers this from a bunch of angles.  He is right that compared to her peers like Yani Tseng, Paula Creamer, and Jiyai Shin it seems like Michelle is no longer a rising star.  Clearly the path she and her handlers have chosen for her has a lot to do with this.  You can decide for your self, has it been for better or for worse for Michelle.

(Click here to read Ron Sirak’s article on Michelle Wie)

Ron Sirak

Golf Digest website

July 2011

2 thoughts on “Michelle Wie-For Better Or For Worse

  1. She played in too many Men’s tournament instead of playing against her peers and learning how to win.

    I am guessing her parents are at FAULT!!

    • At age 14 Yani Tseng and Michelle Wie splashed on to the women’s golf scene at the same time-the 2004 Women’s Public Links at the Golden Horseshoe in Williamsburg where Yani prevailed. Since then Yani followed the conventional route of methodically beating her peers at every level-she has 8 career LPGA wins and 4 majors to show for it. Michelle has 2 career LPGA wins and lots of unfulfilled promise. I am thinking Michelle could be the Andrea Jaeger of her golfing generation. In five years we may see her doing those KIA commercials in a nun’s frock.

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