‘Feherty’-Pardon Our Dust

Chris Millard’s review of Golf Channel’s new ‘Feherty’ program appeared in Golf World this week.  After two episodes that I have seen I share his view that this program is too formula driven, overproduced, and not taking advantage of it’s best asset, David Feherty as himself.  The Golf Channel people are just trying too hard-they have put together a golf version of the Craig Ferguson Show on steriods.  They would be better served, as Millard suggests, to let it be a simple live interview show in the mold of the old “Golf Talk Live”.  Likely that corporate dollars will prevail and they will kill this golden goose right out of the shell.

(Click to see Chris Millard’s review of the ‘Feherty’ show on Golf Channel)

Chris Millard

Golf World Magazine

July, 2011

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