It is no surprise that the hottest show in town, especially among the fifty to seventy year old demographic, are the Ecco Golf Street shoes that were made so visible last year by Freddie Couples during his scintillating start to the 2010 Champions Tour season.  They were impossible to get last season but Ecco has clearly got the factories in the Far East churning because you can get them in just about every golf shop in array of styles and colors.

As a course walker I find them super comfortable during the four mile trek up and down the hills of my club course.  They have solid interior construction so there are no tired arches like I have experienced with other “casual” golf shoes.  I have had problems with the narrowness of Ecco’s in the past but these have a very generous front cavity and have presented none of these issues.  The short waffle cleat bottoms provide more than adequate stability and traction in typical conditions and terrain-there is no slippin-n-slidin even in the fairway bunkers or the side hill lies.

The styling is funky but not frumpy and I have found that the multi-color look of most of the styles work great with a wide array of colors of long pants or shorts.  There is just something Freddie casual about the whole look and should present no esteem issues unless you are just a wing tip man through and through.

You have to try them on in person to get the right sizing since Ecco uses the european sizes from 41 to 47.  Once you know the size I have found they are substantially cheaper on the net.

June 2011

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