Architecture and Design

One of the charming aspects of our sport is the unique character of every playing field on which we ply our skills. The ongoing study of course architecture and design is intriguing to experts and plain folks alike and fascinates us every time we walk and play a new course or old. Here are an array of articles, books, and observations on the subject that have caught our attention.

Alister MacKenzie Approach and Putt Course

Art In Golf Architecture       Max Behr

Darkhorse Wins Olympics Derby       Geoff Shackelford

Defending The Links       Brett Avery

Donald Ross Meets The Wayback Machine

Dream Golf-The Making of Bandon Dunes       Stephen Goodwin

Grounds For Golf       Geoff Shackelford

Is Faster Really Better?       Ian Andrew

Kyle Franz-A New Name To Remember

Minimalist Design       Stephen Goodwin

Mike Stranz-Walked To A Different Beat

Muirfield-A Scottish Treasure       Sarah Ballard

Play It As It Lies       Tom Doak

Royal Hague: Links Golf In The Netherlands

Sand and Golf: How Terrain Shapes The Game       George Waters

The Evolution of Augusta National       Daniel Wexler

The Golden Age of Golf Course Design       Geoff Shackelford

The “Lost MacKenzie” of El Boqueron       Thomas Dunne

The Real Top 100

True Links        George Peper/Malcom Campbell

Virginia Artistry-A Talk With Lester George