No Warm and Fuzzy Tiger

2008USOpenLogoRocco Mediate was the second fiddle in one of the most epic major championship playoffs in history in the 2008 U.S. Open at Torrey Pines-the maestro was Mr. Redshirt himself playing on one leg.  As Feherty mentions during his interview with Rocco, this is one of those iconic events that every serious golf addict seems to remember where they were at that moment (probably playing hooky from work to watch it on NBC that Monday morning).

In the attached Golf Channel internet piece by Will Gray you can see the 4-minute clip of Feherty’s interview with Rocco where he talks about the experience and some anecdotal moments that followed.

One in particular, Rocco’s request that Tiger personalize a couple of pieces of memorabilia from the historic day they shared together kind of captures Tiger’s frame of mind when it comes to major championships.  Simply stated, it is all about Tiger and all other participants are discardable accessories to the act.

The man seriously lacks the warm and fuzzy gene.

(Click to read the Golf Channel article on Feherty’s Interview with Rocco Mediate)


May, 2013

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