True Linkswear Proto

The folks at True Linkswear have added another offering to the high end of their walking shoe line with the introduction of the Proto this month.  It fits between the Tour and Stealth from the original line and shares many of their functional characteristics that makes them the most comfortable walking shoes out there.

Proto comes in an array of spiffy color combinations

The Proto comes in an array of spiffy color combinations

The look of the Proto is more youthful, based on the Sensi crossover shoe True introduced late summer of last year.  Unlike the sporty mesh top upper in the Sensi, this one is full leather and waterproof like it’s Tour and Stealth brothers.  It has the wider waffle outsole of the Sensi which provides great traction but still posses the zero drop, wide toe box, and proximity to the ground off all the Trues.

(Click to see the comparative feature chart for all the Trues)

The Proto has anti-microbial mesh liner which reduces build up of bacterial nasties and the elastic stability cuff below the laces to keep your foot snuggly in place.  The front of the Protos is a bit more square which makes lining your toes to the intended line of the shot much easier.

The styling is far from daring but it does have a funky health care professional look about it.  Like all the Trues they were engineered from the ground up for guys who stay on their feet for four hours on a walk through the cut and prepared.  Take these puppies for a walk, I am sure your feet will express their appreciation with a standing ovation.

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February, 2013


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